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Take your 3D assets and environments from first draft to final frames

Create incredible animations. Design rich environments with flexible procedural modeling software. Use Arnold to render beautiful final results.


Collection includes

If purchased separately



Arnold 5-license pack
Contact a sales representative to subscribe to the M&E Collection with an Arnold 5-pack


The collection also includes sketching, reality capture, and other specialty software

Get the entire collection for


per year, single-user access
(multi-user access also available)

Arnold was used for all of the character work on the HBO series Westworld

Advanced rendering with Arnold

Get 5 licenses of Arnold in the collection. Used by visual effects (VFX) studios worldwide, Arnold is an advanced Monte Carlo raytracing renderer. It’s designed for artists and for the demands of modern animation and VFX production. To get the Arnold 5-license pack with the collection, please contact a sales representative.

Westworld. Copyright HBO. Image courtesy of Important Looking Pirates.

See how products in the collection work together

  • ?All your creative tools from first draft to final frames

  • ?Render beautiful clips for animation and visual effects production

  • ?Sculpt and paint detail on assets in Mudbox and import into Maya

  • Maya + Arnold (video: 5:27 min.)

  • Maya + Mudbox (video: 4:20 min.)

See how people are using the collection

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Framestore Montreal

Blade Runner 2049

Richard Hoover, visual effects supervisor, shares details on how the team pulled off some of the most compelling VFX shots filmgoers have ever seen.


CCP Games: virtural reality puts you right in the cockpit

CCP Games

EVE: Valkyrie VR puts you in the cockpit

Andrew Willans, lead game designer, and Emily Knox, level designer, discuss the allure of VR and how game developers can make virtual reality work for them.

Image courtesy of CCP Games

Robot Boy in episode 6 of the HBO production, Westworld

Important Looking Pirates

Studio creates high-quality shots for Westworld

Visual effects and digital animation studio delivers a young version of Anthony Hopkins, Robot Boy, Dolores, and more for the HBO production, Westworld.

Westworld. Copyright HBO. Image courtesy of Important Looking Pirates.

Why a collection?

  • Take on any creative project

    Get a comprehensive set of content creation tools and services that expand the workflows of Maya and 3ds Max. The collection provides an end-to-end creative solution for animators, modelers, and visual effects artists in film, TV, games, and design visualization.

  • Easier software and license management

    Eliminate the headache of managing multiple product licenses. Get insights on product use. Easily download, install, and use as many products within the collection as you want, whenever you like.

  • Access the latest and previous releases

    Ensure compatibility with anyone you work with by being able to access previous versions when you need them. Always stay up to date with the latest releases. Deploy updates whenever you want.

  • Choose access for individuals or teams

    Choose between subscriptions that provide single-user access for an individual or give teams permission to share licenses with multi-user access.

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