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Conformal Cooling in Action


New manufacturing techniques set the stage for more efficient conformal cooling systems. Learn how conformal cooling significantly reduces cycle time, warpage, and visual defects.

Reducing Mold Cycle Time

Conformal cooling is a proven strategy for reducing cycle time, in some cases as much as 70%. Until recently, however, the manufacturing techniques used to create conformal channels offered limited design options and were too expensive to use in most applications.

Today, additive manufacturing techniques are bringing down these costs, enabling shops to experiment more freely, use conformal cooling in more applications and discover new ways to enhance efficiency.

This report explores the potential for conformal cooling through case studies from FADO, a tooling and injection molding company, based in Bydgoszcz, Poland, offers a wide range of services for clients in automotive, electronics and consumer goods.

Get an inside look at key principles for mold cooling optimization, the benefits of conformal cooling and how to apply this knowledge with an actual molded part.